Autumn Eyes

Only Child

Autumn Eyes

Basic Information

Aliases: None
Gender: Male
Associations: Rose and the rest of the Circle
Known Family: Father (Calm Breeze) and Mother (Drifting Snow)

Character Description

Autumn Eyes is a tall, lanky teenager. Standing at an inch under seven feet tall, Autumn Eyes has all the height of a Northerner, but has yet to gain much of a build. As he prefers books to axes and learning to labor, he has yet to develop the stereotypical Northerner build. He has short, black hair and fair skin, but he is named for his eyes. Ranging from gold to red to brown, his eyes are reminiscent of autumn leaves.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Like An Elephant: A lifetime of reading books and studying has given Autumn Eyes a rather sharp Eidetic Memory.

I Read It In A Book Somewhere: With all of the old scrolls, books, and tomes that Autumn Eyes has read, eventually he learned how to read, write, and speak Old Realm.

There’s Something In Those Eyes: While not only beautiful to look at, Autumn Eyes’ multicolored irises belie his Enhanced Sense: Sight.


Date of Birth: 1st of Descending Air, 744
Awakening: None
Hometown: Snowfall
Age: 19
Height: 6’ 11"
Build: Lithe
Eye Color: Autumnal Hues
Hair Color: Jet Black

Sight: A tall, lanky bookworm in furs.
Sound: A soft, smokey voice.
Taste: Salt and dust.
Smell: Old books and leathers.
Touch: Smooth, warm silk.

An agitation of the air
A perturbation of the light
Admonished me the unloved year
Would turn on its hinge that night

I stood in the disenchanted field
Amid the stubble and the stones
Amazes, while a small worm lisped to me
The song of my marrow-bones

Blue poured into summer blue
A hawk broke from his cloudless tower
The roof of the silo blazed, and I knew
that part of my life was over

Already the iron door of the north
Clangs open: birds, leaves, snows
Order their population forth
And a cruel wind blows


Autumn Eyes

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