Yorio "Empty Sheath"

Ambitious Twilight Caste

Yorio “Empty Sheath who walks the unconquered Horizon”

Basic Information

Aliases: “Empty Sheath”
Gender: Male
Associations: None
Known Family: Unknown

Character Description

Yorio comes off as intense, he tends to stare at people, his intense blue eyes not helping this idea. Youio speak in a confident manner, rarely tripping over his words. He wears heavy clothing in a northern style, and more often then not well crafted rather than stylish. He carries a sheath on his hip, no weapon sticks out of it, which has given him his name “Empty Sheath”

Distinguishing Characteristics

Yorio has few distinguishing features (Will add more as they come up)

  • Intensely blue eyes


Date of Birth: 740
Awakening: 767
Hometown: A town north of the path to Dusk
Age: 28
Height: 6’1
Build: Athletic
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black

Sight: Looks like a northerner with slight oddities
Sound: Deep voice, that seems to resonate at times.
Taste: Try him.
Smell: Ash, Tobacco, incense.
Touch: tough, he is well built seemly having been raised as a worker of some sort.

I am aware
Fate is a Fickle thing
But someone alters it
So I pay it no Creed

Take one’s adversity
Learn from their misfortune
Learn from their pain
Believe in something
Believe in yourself
Turn adversity into ambition
Now blossom into wealth

If you had One shot
Or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture
Or just let it slip?


Character Sheet


Strength ●●●oo Charisma ●●●oo Perception ●●●oo
Dexterity ●●●●o Manipulation ●●●oo Intelligence ●●●●o
Stamina ●●●oo Appearance ●●●oo Wits ●●●●o


Archery ●oooo Athletics ●●●oo Awareness ●●●oo Brawl ooooo
Bureaucracy ooooo Craft ooooo Dodge ooooo Integrity ●●●●●
Investigation oooo Larceny ooooo Linguistics ooooo Lore ●●●●●
Martial Arts ooooo Medicine ●●●oo Melee ●●●●● Occult ●●●●o
Performance ooooo Presence ●●●oo Resistance ●●ooo Ride ooooo
Sail ooooo Socialize ●●●oo Stealth ooooo Survival ooooo
Thrown ooooo War ooooo

Caste/Favored Abilities:

Athletics Awareness Crafts Integrity Lore (Supernal) Medicine
Melee Occult Presence Socialize


Lore: The Wyld
Lore: Fate
Occult: Fairfolk
Melee: Swords


Old Realm


Allies (●●●●●)—Story
Each purchase grants the character a single noteworthy Storyteller-controlled ally—a close friend or trusted companion with some useful capabilities. The nature of this ally must be defined at the time the Merit is purchased. Five dots grants a supernatural ally as powerful as one of the Celestial Exalted. The Storyteller has final say over what constitutes a valid ally.
Drawback: Allies aren’t automatons or flunkies. They have their own lives and concerns, and expect the character to provide the same assistance to them that they provide to her. A mistreated ally is likely to abandon the character or even become her enemy.

Artifact (●●●)—

Artifact (●●●●)—

Unusual Hide (●●●)—
One of the most common mutations bestowed by the Wyld, this Merit grants an unusually resilient hide of some sort. The character gains additional points of natural soak equal to the Merit’s value. Three dots indicate flesh far beyond the human norm—the leathery hide of a rhino or crocodile, or the exoskeletal carapace of an insect, perhaps.

Subtlety (●●)—Innate
Subtlety must be attached to another already-purchased Supernatural Merit; it makes that Merit non-obvious to observers when not in use.

Wyld Nobility (●)—Innate
Wyld creatures recognize the sorcerer as a Raksha of Noble Station. Wyld beasts, Hobgoblins, and Commoner Raksha are treated as having a Minor Tie of terrified awe towards her, while Noble Raksha and Wyld Behemoths have a positive Minor Tie of respect, or some variation suited to their nature.

Willpower ●●●●● ●●

Essence ●


Personal 13
Peripheral 35 (40)
Committed 5

Limit Trigger

The Solar’s allies suffer a setback or defeat because of a mistake he made.


Weapon Name Accuracy Damage Overwhelming Tags Dice Pool
Reaper Diaklave +3 +15 +1 5 Lethal, Balanced, Dex + Melee
Iron Strait Sword +2 +12 +1 3 Lethal, Iron, Balanced Dex + Melee


Natural Soak 6 Armored Soak 5
Total Soak 11 Hardness 0
Parry 6 Evasion 2
Resolve 5 Guile 3


-0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 Incapacitated

Shaping Ritual
The sorcerer may feed on emotional energies like the raksha, shaping the passions of others through spellcraft. Once per scene, when another character forms, strengthens, or weakens an Intimacy that represents an emotional feeling, the sorcerer may feed from it, gaining sorcerous motes equal to the intensity of the Intimacy (its new rating if it was strengthened, or the old one if weakened). These motes last for the duration of the story, and can be spent towards any spell she casts. The fervent passions of the Exalted represented by Limit are even more potent nourishment. Whenever a character, including the sorcerer herself, gains a point of Limit, the sorcerer may draw power from that, gaining sorcerous motes equal to the character’s current Limit. She may draw ten sorcerous motes from a character in Limit Break, but only once during the duration of that Break.

Yorio "Empty Sheath"

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