The Empty Sheath


The Empty Sheath allows its wielder to carry a small armory with them into combat with no more effort than carrying a single sword.

When you attune to a weapon, you may transfer that attunement to the Empty Sheath. Weapons so attuned are stored in Elsewhere and may be summoned forth with a ready/draw action. Only one blade so attuned may be manifested at any time. The rest must remain in Elsewhere until all manifested weapons are returned back to Elsewhere.

Weapons so attuned to the sheath allow the attuned wielder to regain the committed motes as the attunement of all weapons within it are reduced to zero. The Empty Sheath’s mote commitment cost is 5 + X where X is the highest commitment cost of all artifacts so stored in the sheath. The maximum number of weapons able to be stored within The Empty Sheath is three.

Vigilant Even In Slumber

Cost: 1m Mins: Essence 1
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Stackable
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite: None
Unlock Condition: Attune to an artifact weapon. (UNLOCKED)

When a weapon is drawn from The Empty Sheath, you may use this Evocation to sharpen the weapon as you draw it. This perfectly sharpening and cleaning of the blade adds a +1 die bonus to all attack rolls (Withering and Decisive) for the rest of the combat with the drawn weapon. Each time a new weapon is drawn, the bonus is increased by 1 and applied to that weapon, with the prior bonus still applying to the prior weapon. Bonuses bestowed upon weapons last until the end of the round after they are sheathed, at which point they are eligible for a new bonus.

Well Runs Dry Avoidance

Cost:Mins: Essence 1
Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite: Vigilant Even In Slumber
Unlock Condition: Attune to four artifact weapons. (UNLOCKED by Awaken The Sleeper)

The number of artifacts that may be stored within the Empty Sheath increases to (Essence x 3)

Hand Knows The Strike

Cost: 2m Mins: Essence 1
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant.
Prerequisite: Vigilant Even In Slumber
Unlock Condition: Successfully parry an attack with a weapon you just drew from The Empty Sheath in the same round. (UNLOCKED by Awaken The Sleeper)

When you are subject to an attack and wish to apply your parry DV, you may activate this Evocation to reflexively draw another weapon from The Empty Sheath, parry with it, and resheath it again in the blink of an eye.

This Evocation allows you to apply the parry bonus of any weapon with in your sheath to your Parry DV instead of your active weapon for one attack. If you are subjected to multiple attacks, you may pay this Evocations cost again, allowing you to choose either the same or a different weapon each time. Any other effects of parrying with the chosen weapon apply. (Such as potentially taking fire damage from a flame weapon.)

No matter how many weapons you choose to pull out of The Empty Sheath with this Evocation in one round of combat, the first weapon is the only one that counts as being drawn for the purposes of Vigilant Even In Slumber.

The Empty Sheath

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